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Aspri Petra (White Rock)

One of the mysteries on Kos: Aspri Petra.
It is mentioned on several maps and even with pictures in a tourist guide (see below), but is you ask the local people, only few have ever heard about it and nobody knows exactly where it is.
In September 2006 we started looking. We have found the White Rock, where the cave should be, but we didn’t found a cave as pictured in the guide.

A good friend of us promised to look for it this winter and if he finds it we’ll go there together in 2007.

Never the less I would like to show you some pictures we took from the area. Also below the text from the guide Best Of Summer In Kos:

Significant findings of the Prehistoric era were discovered in Kos. From the 3rd to the 17th of June 1922 Alesandro Della Sefa, director of the Italian Archaeological School in Athens, with Doro Levi dug up the cave of Aspri Petra on the mountain Zini in Kefalos.
The cave of Aspri Petra is one of the most important findings of the prehistoric era. According to those findings the cave is chronological placed to the early Neolithic era and the very early Bronze Age (3000 BC). Human fossils, Neolithic shards and other findings were found. The important of that cave must be pointed out. It used to be a place of worship. There have been discovered findings not only of the prehistoric era but also of the later times – till the Roman era. It is considered to be one of the oldest monuments of the island.
According to the earthen pots that they found in the cave, the worship of the Gods went on even until the Roman era.


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