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Beautiful sunset


The Wetlands is a protected nature-area in Psalidi, behind Ramira Beach at the parking-place of Water Shape.

You can compare the area with the salt-lake Alikes in Tigaki. There is a typical aquatic vegetation and aquatic fauna and during the bird migration and in wintertime there is a interesting waterfowl. It is a beautiful area to walk and were you can have peaceful contact with nature and a relaxing time.
The like dries up during summer, but there are plans to supply it artificially with water all year. By this the area becomes more attractive to birds and there will be more to see for visitors.
There are plans to protect the area from the Wetland into Dikios-mountain and from there to Alikes to prevent the construction of (more) hotels over there.
These pictures give you an impression of the area.

There is an information-center where you can get a map of the area.


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