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The beach in Kos-town. From the harbour till Baltic Beach.

The beach is full with sun-beds which are mostly for free; for sure if you have drinks/food at the restaurant of the owner. The sand is coarse-grained with at close at the sea sometimes small pebbles. The water is getting deep very quickly. At Papas Beach there are several watersport-activities. You find nice places to sit down and there are a lot of places where you can play beach-volleyball.

The beach in Psalidi

From Ramira Beach you first find a beach without sunbeds. The beach is mostly covered with rocks and here and there some sand. Especially in the week-ends the Greek families go here.

Then, until the new Marina, you finds several restaurants along the coast with their own, well-kept private beaches with sometimes a shower and a toilet. They are sandy beaches with sometimes small pebbles. Opposite dancing Apoplous jet skis are for rent. The price for 2 sunbeds is 5-6 euro, including parasol.

From the Marina until the harbour of the hydrofoil there is no beach anymore at the moment. They started to build the concrete wall which has to prevent the sand to be washed away during storms.

The beach in Lambi

At the beginning of Lambi-beach, at dancing Heaven, first you finds some sunbeds and possibilities for beach-volleyball. Than until Atlantis Hotel the beach is almost without sunbeds. It is a sandy beach with small pebbles. The water is getting deep very quickly. This beach is frequently visit by the local people. Behind Atlantis there is a private-beach with sunbeds and trees for some shade.

A beach at Kefalos

Just before Kefalos you find on your right side (direction Limionas) a nice, quiet and large sandy beach. Over here there is a kite-surf-school. The water is getting deep little by little.

The beach in Mastichari

On the left side of the harbour in Mastichari there is a large artificial sandy beach with sun-beds, trees and nearby restaurants. The water is getting deep little by little.

The beach in Tigaki

In Tigaki you find one of the most beautiful beaches on Kos. Along the coast-road, just before you enter Tigaki, there is a narrow sandy beach witch partly belongs to the restaurants and hotels opposite the street. In Tigaki the beach becomes more wide with nice sand and a lot of sunbeds. There are also possibilities for watersports. If you go straight ahead at the square in Tigaki (direction of the saltlake Alikes), you can go to the beach at several places. The beach over here is more quiet and there are some sunbeds. If you turn right at the end of this road and then to the left at the beach there is a naturist beach. Although naturism is forbidden on Kos the government will do nothing as long as nobody makes any objection.

The beach in Marmari

Marmari has a beautiful sandy beach with enough sunbeds. Because of the often hard wind there are also wind-screens.

Small beaches

Beside the large beaches there are also several picturesque bays on Kos were you can have a nice sunbath or snorkel. F.e. Limionas.

The beaches between the airport and Kefalos

These beaches, such as Paradise Beach, belong to the most beautiful beaches of Kos. Enough sunbeds, watersport possibilities and the water is getting deep little by little.


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